Creating Web Pages

To edit pages on this site you must be a member of the extended Hoover family and you must know the password. If you forgot, email Steve.

Setting up your Local Directory

You must create a directory on your own computer with the same name as your directory on the web server. For example, I would create a "steve" directory. This directory is where you will edit your web pages before uploading them to the web server.

Creating Web Page Files

Web pages are generally files with an ".html" or ".htm" extension. To create these files you will need a web page editor. Microsoft Word is not the best, but it will work, and you are likely to already have it. Open Microsoft Word and create a file containing the text "This is a test." Choose "Save As...", enter the filename "test" and select file format (at the bottom) "Web Page (.htm; .html)". Then save to the directory you created. You can view this file in a web browser such as Internet Explorer. Double clicking on the icon for this file will most likely open it in Internet Explorer.

You can also import images into your web page using Microsoft Word. Images can be very large. You should find a good program for editing images, and please do not post many picture that are larger than 60KB.

Uploading Your Files (FTP)

To post this file to the web site you'll need an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. You probably don't want to use the one I use. LeechFTP is pretty good, but costs $30. You can demo it for a month for free though. CuteFTP is shareware, meaning they ask for money if you like it. If you use either of these without paying, the law is unlikely to hunt you down :).

These two FTP programs show you the files on your own machine as well as the files on another machine, in this case the web site which currently lives on Jonathan's computer in one of our bedrooms. You can transfer files to and from

To connect with FTP to you need the following information:

Port: 21
Username: hooverfam
Password: ---------

Use caution when using FTP since the whole family shares the same account and web space. Be sure to only upload/delete files in your own directory. By keeping the web site consistent with the directory on your machine each serves as a backup for the other in case files are lost.

Viewing Web Pages

If I upload (using FTP) test.html to my /steve directory, I will be able to view this file on the web in a web browser (Internet Explorer) as "". "" will access the file .../steve/index.html, so you can create index.html as your main page.


Ask me if you have any questions. Send me email. Or I might be on line on MSN Messenger (

Also, if you download and install VNC, I can actually connect to your machine and show you what to do. For the installation, unless you have a broadband connection (cable modem or DSL), you should not insall it as a service. I can help you with the installation. It's not entirely intuitive.